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What is Delta 8?

THC’s younger cousin. Roughly 25% as psychoactive, allowing for more comfortable first-time use. Generally produces body-wide effects akin to indica strains.

What is Delta 10?

Delta 8’s significant other. Just as psychoactive as Delta 8, but better known for providing its users with more cerebral, traditionally sativa-like effects.

What is THC-V+?

The less hungry side of THC. Equally psychoactive, but well-known for it’s appetite suppressing capabilities. Effects can be more psychedelic, but don’t last as long.

What is THCP?

THC’s prize fighter. 30x more psychoactive, if not stronger. Best enjoyed by the most experienced daily users. Effects kick in almost immediately, but wear off sooner. May help with insomnia and chronic pain.

What is HHC?

THC’s eclectic neighbor. Found in the the pollen of the hemp plant and just as psychoactive as its peer, but not technically part of the same family of cannabinoids.