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Hometown Hero Delta 8 THC Tincture


Hometown Hero’s Delta 8 THC Tincture is a great way to get delta 8 THC in a simple and easy form.  With a great taste, these delta 8 tincture goes down easy and doesn’t require any additional supplies to use.  Just fill the dropper with the desired amount of liquid and enjoy!

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Delta 8 per dropper:
20mg – 40mg of Delta 8 THC

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Delta 8 THC Tincture

Get Delta 8 THC in a simple and easy form

Each Hometown Hero dropper is approximately 1ml of liquid. 600mg bottles have approximately 20mg of delta 8 THC per dropper and 1,200mg bottles have approximately 40mg of delta 8 THC per dropper.  Shake well before use.

  • Choose between 600mg or 1,200mg of high-quality delta 8 THC concentrations to fit your lifestyle and budget!
  • Large 30ml bottle for all the delta 8 THC you need in a single product!
  • 3rd party lab tested with certificates of analysis on every bottle so you can rest assured that our delta 8 is the highest quality and purity!
  • Made with coconut MCT oil and flavoring with no unnecessary additives or chemicals so you’ll be sure to have only what you’re looking for in each drop.

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