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Granddaddy Purple, otherwise known as Granddaddy Purp or GDB, is a celebrated cannabis strain since 2003. It has a distinct grape and berry flavor with the sweetness that comes along with it. Unlike other cannabis strains, Granddaddy Purple doesn’t have the same “earthiness” or “tanginess” that usually comes with the flavor of cannabis. Delta Purple is flavored with naturally derived terpenes that replicate this one of a kind cannabis strain in a Delta 8 cart!

  • 800mg of Delta 8 THC in every cartridge for enough to have you feeling good!
  • Made with 1 gram CCell cartridges and compatible with any 510 vape pen for easy and reliable use!
  • Infused with natural terpenes inspired by the beloved cannabis strain Granddaddy Purple for an amazing flavor you’ll love!
  • 3rd party lab tested with certificates of analysis (COA) on every package!
  • Recommended voltage between 3.5v – 4.3v for a perfectly smooth draw and delightful taste!

Pick up Delta Purple today and experience the amazing flavor and effects that this Grandaddy Purple Delta 8 cart will bring!

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Hometown Hero’s Delta Purple is a Granddaddy Purple flavored Delta 8 cart! Delta Purple is loaded with 800mg of Delta 8 THC and flavored using naturally derived terpenes. Every Hometown Hero Delta 8 cart uses premium CCell vape cartridges for a superior experience that work with any 510 vape pen. Experience the delightful flavor that Delta Purple offers with the excellent relaxation that comes with Delta 8 THC today!